Friday, January 23, 2009

New Art Boxes

One of the things I enjoy is making something old, new again. Seems like some of these colors and  designs have been seen before—in stylish cute dresses I wore in high school, on a backpack I carried at the UofM, and on posters and even in the packaging of Eau d' London perfume (promoted by Jean Shrimpton). And Twiggy!  Ha!  Guess what year that was.  Peter Max was a huge influence in my art as well as all the amazing, groovy poster designs of the time. Album covers are still a favorite art form for me, even if they are on a much smaller scale for CDs. The art is still important to convey the message of the band's music—hopefully something not taken for granted. So, keep on truckin'. And give peace a chance.( These are old silverware boxes given a new look with secret treasures tucked inside.)

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