Friday, January 15, 2010

New Art for a New Jeannie

I had been struggling with ideas and inspiration when it occurred to me—I am thinking too much. What do I want to paint? How do I want to convey a message? How can I use all the tools and supplies at my disposal? Who am I anyway???

It became very clear that I don't want to paint to fit in or to have people like my art (or like me) or even to paint to be juried into a particular show. I need to paint for Me. That's the impetus. That's what adds energy and excitement to my art—the passion and spirit I have for it.

So. Here are the pieces I have entered into a show called UnClad, The Fine Art of the Figure.
It's all about the human figure in art. Mostly nude. I have taken some paintings that include the figure and "jeannied" them up a bit. My artwork is about the senses: textures, patterns, lively composition and vivid colors.

I am very excited about these three new paintings. Happy New Art! If I jury into UnClad, Yippee! I would be thrilled. Otherwise, I am proud to have 'stuck to my guns' and remained true to my vision. That's a big deal.

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