Friday, June 4, 2010

Cash Cow Days

Cash Cow Art Exhibit and Auction in support of the La Conner Kiwanis—committed to helping the children in the community. The money raised goes toward student scholarships and support of opportunities for our local children. The animal theme this year is a pig.

93 Stop & Go. This little orange pig is named after one of my favorite drive-through restaurants in Missoula, Montana. The speakers where you placed your order were modeled after old traffic lights. (Maybe they actually were old traffic lights?) I was thinking that the burgers we ordered, Big Buns, were from 93 Stop & Go, but they were made at Brownies. They were huge, delicious deluxe cheeseburgers topped with a slice of ham and slathered in secret Super Sauce. Oh my goodness. Seemed appropriate to name my little ham artwork after food. And he is on wheels. wheee!

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